Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a summer bridal shower

Photos by the insanely talented Danielle

A few weeks ago I threw a bridal shower for my BFF, Brittney. Well, really, my incredibly generous and talented mother hosted it, I just flew in from NYC, made these tiny endive boats, put on a pretty dress and answered the door. My mother did all the real work.

endive boats
cucumber sandwiches
pickled shrimp
roasted pecans
brie wheel and jam in puff pastry
german chocolate cake (from Charlie's)
mini poundcakes
citrus punch
spiked mint apricot tea

Brit didn't want any of the crass games often played at bridal showers, but I found this fun vintage bingo game (stole the idea from my friend Allison). The game was great because a lot of the wedding related items are so outdated that many of the younger ladies had to ask the moms, aunts, and grandmas to explain them.

Some inspiration for your own shower, here.

Being a gracious hostess is hard work.

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