Saturday, February 21, 2009

time lapse

I haven't written anything in here for ages. I could extrapolate on the multitude of reasons (running after babies, writing, getting a new roommate, simple laziness, my new job) or I could just talk about all the quality time I have been spending with teen magazines lately. This January, after taking more time off from it than I would like to admit, I started researching my thesis more proactively (as I type I am scanning images from a 1991 issue of Sassy). My research plan is complicated, I will probably not be able to plow through enough sources in time for my May due date--there might be some groveling to my advisor in my future, but its nice to feel like I am getting someplace with it. Or at least getting back on track, and trying to write more, even if I don't put it anywhere for public consumption.

I attempted to keep a critical eye on the New York collections a few weeks ago. I wrote some quick thoughts about it here, but all I seem to see in contemporary fashion is the past. Not that there weren't quite a few beautiful and individual pieces presented (and plenty of things I would love to have in my own wardrobe!), but it seemed like everything still fell into a "hard times" formula of escapism, practicality, or despair. I feel like there is an opportunity for the art of fashion to take itself back from the crazy corporate machine it has become in the past thirty years. Not that I have any idea how that could be done, or even what that looks like.

In other news electric warrior and I went on an adventure to the Barney's Warehouse Sale a few weeks ago. It was a little strange to see clothing I had only seen on hanging sadly from plastic hangers, grimy from falling on the floor and the oils on peoples hands, yet--at 75% off--still priced upwards of my rent. I don't have any grand philosophical conclusions about this quite yet, but I will say this-- it gave me the idea to give up shopping for Lent.