Wednesday, April 15, 2009


When Raquel and I went to see The Last Emperor at Film Forum a few weeks ago, Matt Tyrnauer said that there hadn't been too many designer documentaries besides the critically acclaimed Unzipped in 1994. Well, we had to find out if that was true and we dug up a few more, including Wim Wenders late 80's Yohji Yamamoto piece, Notebooks on Cities and Clothes and two David Teboul YSL docs from 2002. There are also the recent Karl Lagerfeld Confidential and the made for TV Marc Jacobs/Louis Vuitton.

We gathered them up with the intent of having a marathon viewing party, but only managed to get through Unzipped and Notebooks before bedtime. I watched the YSL docs while waiting to board my flight to Toronto last weekend. I haven't gotten to Karl and Marc yet but plan to soon, so expect a piece on all seven films soon (possibly in conjunction with Raquel, if we can ever find the time!)

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